Senate Debates in New Mexico?

 Posted:  September 22, 2014

The post linked below is from the Allen Weh campaign’s official Website. It concerns Tom Udall’s stonewalling on debating Allen Weh.

The bottom line is that Tom Udall hasn’t accepted debates and probably won’t unless it becomes clear that it might have a cost. Tom Udall is a soft spoken kind of guy who hasn’t been challenged by the New Mexico media.

He says all kinds of things that just plain aren’t backed by facts. He doesn’t talk about a lot of things we would like to know about. He is used to fawning interviews and using his staff to deflect questions.

We are not surprised that he refuses to debate because he is too busy trying to shut down debates with his down in flames Constitutional Amendment to limit free speech.

He knows a lot about shutting down opponents, all learned at the side of Harry Reid.

Tom Udall represents some people but it is those of us that he wants to shut up that he most dislikes.

Full article here >>>.

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