Seven Setbacks For the Middle Class on Tom Udall’s Watch

 Posted:  September 28, 2014

Tom Udall has a lot of nerve attacking Allen Weh on being a man against the middle class.

Tom Udall has been in Washington his entire life, has voted on bills that directly crush the middle class, and supports an anti-business, anti-small business agenda that crushes job creation and economic development.

We know what Tom Udall has voted for and when a privileged elite who has been in government all his life runs attack ads against a man who has served in the military and run a business that employs New Mexicans, we have to chuckle, we mean, choke.

Tom Udall is:

  1. Wealthy
  2. Privileged
  3. Partisan
  4. Progressive
  5. Evasive

When Tom Udall points his finger at an opponent he just calls attention to his own failings in those areas of blame.

The Middle Class has SUFFERED during the last ten years. Tom Udall has been in position to improve that and he has FAILED miserably.

If you actually read what Allen Weh says, it is that he wants to solve problems in Washington.

Tom Udall can’t solve problems because he has been too busy creating them.

The best thing for Tom Udall to do is turn himself out to pasture and let new ideas go to Washington.

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