Shame on You Tom Udall For Having the Nerve to Say You Are For Fiscal Responsibility

 Posted:  July 20, 2014

The National Taxpayers Union is a non-profit, non-partisan citizen group dedicated to controlling federal spending, the federal accumulation of debt, and protecting taxpayers. They have been around since 1969 and each year produce a ranked list of Congress ranking legislators according to either how much they spend or how little. The list in this article, linked below, talks about their latest list through January 2013.

The list is based on EVERY roll call vote affecting federal taxes, spending, debt, significant regulations and factors in 274 House votes and 127 Senate votes.

Tom Udall is the WORST legislator in the Senate with a score of 6% on how well he represents taxpayers and tries to control spending. This score reflects an absolute commitment to spending as much money as possible, borrowing and spending as much money as possible, and having NO intent of doing anything about living within a budget.

If one goes to Tom Udall’s Website he casts himself as having fiscal responsibility at the top of his mind.

Tom Udall is flat out lying to you.

To tell such a whopper on this single issue makes all the whoppers he tells on other issues even more egregious.

If you care about balancing your checkbook, paying your bills, not running up your household debt, you will NOT vote for Tom Udall. Every dollar over government revenues he spends increases your taxes and saddles your children with debts for the rest of their lives that affects their options and quality of life.

What Tom Udall says and what Tom Udall does are always different.

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