Share With Friends and Enemies

 Posted:  July 15, 2014

Any page on this Website can be shared with others through convenient icons on the left of any page. Including the “+” icon you will see multiple ways to share information with others.

Some of the better known icons will take you to Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Gmail, Tumbir, Pinterest, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Blogger, Reddit, etc. People that are familiar with these methods of sharing have an instant way to send articles, videos, postings to friends and enemies alike.

This Website makes no bones about information. The beauty of the Internet is that it is still the only free press in the U.S. and the information is available to anyone who can get on the internet. The information is non-censored and free. New Mexico needs to know who Tom Udall is and what he has been doing. You can find it on and share it with people that care enough about the state to be searching for information.

Sharing is good any day of the week.

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