Sheriff Joe Needs to Have a Heart to Heart With Tom Udall

 Posted:  September 2, 2014

The short article linked below describes a press conference with Sheriff Joe out of Arizona. You know, that Sheriff that has been dealing with open borders and all the crime problems caused when the Federal government declines to do their most basic duty – protect the population and secure the borders.

As we have said before, the borders are open and if a reporter dressed as Osama can walk across our borders undetected and unstopped, when are the real new Osama’s coming to your neighborhood?

It has already been documented that Mexican drug cartels communicate with Islamic terrorists called ISIS. It has already been reported that tattooed teens from Central America have brought infectious diseases across the border and we have a worldwide spreading of the EBOLA virus just waiting to come across. Viruses don’t respect borders any more than Tom Udall does.

New Mexicans shouldn’t feel comforted by Tom Udall’s positions on the border. He just FEELS that it is the right thing to let anyone come across in the dead of night, move themselves in next door, and then fill up the schools, health clinics, jails, and jobs in America.

He seems to have more interest in visitors than citizens. If Mexicans got a chance to vote it is certain that Tom Udall would win the election hands down.

Full article here >>>.

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