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 Posted:  July 13, 2014

This Website distributes a weekly newsletter with editor selected postings (the top five or most pertinent) for each week. Since there are usually twenty to thirty postings a week the dedicated visitor will be better served to access all the postings through the Tom Udall in the News bar across the top menu.

The newsletter comes to your E-mail box once a week and you can click on any of the posting titles to see the complete posting on your screen. While some postings may appeal to you more than others, they are all offering facts and commentary on political matters involving Tom Udall and the campaign in New Mexico. Some of the postings are videos but all have linked articles to supplement and back up editorial comments.

For those who want to get topical material in a timely and easy to read format, the newsletter is a good option for you. The website does not intend to bombard subscribers with material on a daily basis. The newsletter is intended for voters who want to keep up with the campaign but don’t have time to go to the Website every day.

If you go to the right side of this Webpage and scroll down you will, find a “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” headline. Enter your E-mail into the designated field, click “Subscribe”, and you are enrolled for our once-a-week newsletter. We do not do multiple submissions to your E-mail asking for donations or bringing you additional information from the Website.

Sign up and get started. Use this Website every day and pass the word along. It is a voter resource and the information presented gives you another look at Tom Udall.

The question is straight forward – Does Tom Udall Represent You?

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