So You Think Immigration is a Small Thing?

 Posted:  September 27, 2014

The Center for Immigration Studies recently released a report on legal and illegal immigration to the United States.

As of July 2013, using U.S. Census figures, they reported that there were 41.3 million non-born in U.S. persons residing in this country.

This is in a population of around 350 million people.

Contrary to current media thinking, the fastest growing immigrant population was coming from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

These are, by the way, non-Christian countries who come from varied experiences with government.

It is not hard to see that America is fundamentally being changed by immigration policies and practices.

At what point does the U.S. become like Europe where immigrants don’t integrate, don’t accept cultural or political traditions of the host country, and use the welfare state to their advantage under the guise of bringing talents to the host country that the host country doesn’t already have?

Tom Udall wants even more immigration. Legal or Illegal doesn’t matter. Ask him how he thinks this helps those of us who have lived in the U.S. for decades and find ourselves out of work, out of luck, and out of money.

What kind of choice is that?

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