So You Think Tom Udall Cares About GMOs?

 Posted:  October 28, 2014

If you go to the search feature on this Website and put in Tom Udall and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) you will be surprised to find that Tom Udall voted for a big blockbuster Farm Bill this year that did not require Monsanto and other companies to have to mark their products as containing GMOs. This bill also cut food stamps and gave huge subsidies to Midwestern farmers and subsides to buy government guaranteed crop insurance.

Like everything else Tom Udall says, he is often on the wrong side of bills he votes on.

Check out Tom Udall’s record on GMOs before you vote – if this is your only issue.

We prefer to look at politicians as people who impact us by all their votes in a lot of different ways.

Tom Udall has supported a lot of bad legislation over the years and made excuses or covered up his votes by passing out money.

New Mexicans need more than a Santa Claus who comes once a year.

We need a full time involved legislator who represents even those he doesn’t agree with.

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