Social Security Will be Here Until it is Broke

 Posted:  September 22, 2014

Tom Udall never met a problem he couldn’t avoid.

On his Website (see link below) he talks about Seniors and Social Security. What Tom Udall peddles everywhere is security.

  • Why shouldn’t people have to worry about the mortgage and paying their medical bills?

  • Why should young people have to pay for Seniors Social Security when the Federal government has stolen all the funds and spent them wastefully?

  • Why do people who are druggies and alcoholics get Social Security benefits when they haven’t worked?

  • Why can’t people opt out of a mandatory program when it doesn’t fit their needs?

  • Why do employers have to pay half of a person’s Social Security taxes and thus run up the cost of business?

  • Why do self employed people have to pay 15% Social Security taxes when they could use that money to build a business that would be their retirement?

  • Why do the casinos in New Mexico have more gamblers around the time Social Security checks go out?

  • Why does Tom Udall always say that ANY changes to the system must be stopped when it is full of old and unworkable parts?

  • What does Tom Udall say too young people who not only have to pay for their folks Social Security but also ObamaCare?

  • What happens when dwindling employment and revenues meets escalating retirements and benefits?

  • Why should people who save, invest and plan have to pay for those who don’t?

We have so many questions and Tom Udall has so few answers. I guess New Mexicans aren’t grown up enough to deal with hard questions so Tom Udall, who never answers questions, doesn’t bother to tackle anything in depth.

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