Some Things Are Un-American and Tom Udall’s Plan to Stifle Dissent Fits That Description

 Posted:  June 20, 2014

This article (linked below) from the Chicago Sun Times, hardly a conservative publication, sums up Tom Udall’s loser plan for a Constitutional Amendment, a plan backed by 40 Democrat Senators and not a single Republican. It looks like ObamaCare all over again. Tom Udall wants to give Congress the authority to decide who can give money to political candidates and campaigns, how much they can give, and what they can and can’t give. If we held Congress in high esteem, we might think about it a few seconds before rejecting the idea as silly.

Since we hold Congress in very bad esteem, lower than the normal low, we think Udall’s plan is just downright scary.

Now that the Democrats have the White House and Senate under their wing they are determined to maintain power and hold dissent to be un-American. Leaders of the party, as documented in this article, have gone out of their way to demonize dissent. Tom Udall, as is well known, was involved in having the IRS investigate political opponents (Tea Party groups). Harry Reid has taken the podium in the Senate to condemn the Koch Brothers but says nothing about Tom Streyer and Michael Bloomberg who give millions to Democratic causes. Hell, half the politicians in Congress have enough money to self-finance their own election. Talk about conflict of interest.

It is actually embarrassing for New Mexico that one of its elected officials would actually put his name on such a bill, and even more sad that he struts about proclaiming the amendment would actually keep money out of politics.

This is all about looking for an election year issue since you can’t run on anything else. It is all about blowing hot air. We all know money has a sway on politicians. We all wish we had term limits so the time the pigs have at the trough is short.

Full article here >>>.

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