Sorry Tom Udall: The U.S., in General, and New Mexico, in Particular, Cannot Solve Your Global Warming Problems

 Posted:  June 6, 2014

The articles below point out a fact. The five biggest users of fossil fuels for generating power are China, U.S., India, Russia, Japan. Four of these countries are definitely not under our control and will use coal as a fuel to power electric plants based on their needs, not our needs. Emissions are not that important to them or the rest of the developing world that need energy to grow their economies.

The most interesting fact presented in this pro-climate control article, was that emissions in the U.S. have dropped to a 20 YEAR LOW. Other articles suggest that coal is being supplanted as a fuel for powering plants by natural gas which the U.S,. has in abundance. This change has been brought about by changes in oil technology and drilling which you have fought each step of the way.

Perhaps you can solve your problem by talking to the four countries who are building power plants as fast as they can (a 1000 in the next decade)? Perhaps you can push natural gas as a fuel which you should have done for the last twenty years, but better later than never? Perhaps the U.S. should stop selling coal overseas if it is causing such a problem? Perhaps we should have a nuclear power plant or two which you have also fought?

There are solutions to our energy problems, but you don’t have any. Windmills and solar are good for the small jobs. Their uses in running large and power hungry contemporary economies are limited.

Please quit shutting down our New Mexico power plants and creating laws that mandate utility companies get power from more expensive alternative energy sources and pass the costs on to consumers. Your policies are good for the rich cats. For us poor folks, they aren’t worth a damn.

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