State of New Mexico Economy by Paul Gessing, Rio Grande Foundation

 Posted:  October 27, 2014

There are many in this state that wish the Rio Grande Foundation would get in a raft and row away down the Rio Grande – toward Mexico – in a reverse immigration story.

However, there are others like us, who find them a breath of fresh air in that they don’t regurgitate the Democrat myth that this state has to be dependent on the U.S. government,military bases, national labs, and should be.

In the linked podcast, Mr. Gessing (with customary facts and good research) discusses where New Mexico was, is, and will be. Our state is definitely in a precarious economic situation and our current Congressional delegation ALL talk about diversifying the New Mexico economy but have done very little to make that change happen.

In reality, the only way New Mexico will move from a 1950’s type economy is to get rid of the 1960’s radicals that ran and got elected to political office and continue their assault on true capitalism in favor of their own brands of crony capitalism (check out the Crony Capitalism battleground issue section of this Website).

The podcast is short and informative and give listeners an idea why New Mexico so much needs to change its people in positions of power.

New Mexico’s tradition of holding to the past and ignoring the future doesn’t bode well for us.

Full article here >>>.

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