Statistics and More Damn Statistics: End of the American Dream

 Posted:  September 22, 2014

It helps to know a few facts when you vote. There are plenty of commentaries out there, lots of opinions, many many illusions and some disillusionment.

In the linked article below, there are 50 casual facts, each supported by a “see for yourself” reference link. These 50 are facts with a bite and a bark.

You can like a feel good election with no talk about upsetting topics, lots of flag waving, lots of assurances that these are the best of times.

We, at, like to know a few facts before we comment. In fact, all the postings made on the site are backed by articles from experts in the fields discussed.

Tom Udall doesn’t use facts, doesn’t like them, never collects them. He just makes blanket statements. Have you ever heard him back anything he says with an article, a quote or a page out of a book?

We haven’t. Let us know if you even find anything he ever wrote in his life that wasn’t written by a paid consultant.

We will take stats over bland generalizations anytime.

Full article here >>>.

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