Substitute “Tom Udall” For “Obama” in this Article and You Have Fantasy Island Revealed

 Posted:  October 15, 2014

There is just too much good material in this linked article to pick and choose. In fact, this little article by the inestimable Victor Davis Hanson, trips down Memory Lane and gives us the unfiltered report on how the financial meltdown occurred that has crippled America for the last six years.

You don’t want to believe it but at the heart of the meltdown that resulted in TARP and QE3 and other terrible policies out of Washington were liberal Congressmen, Bill Clinton, and a host of Wall Street sharks that created bubbles in the economy that finally burst.

In the heart of all this darkness is none other than little Tom Udall, New Mexico’s representative for the last 16 or so years who now wants another term.

You will find on our Website that Tom Udall voted for the fat bonuses that government mortgage giants CEO’s got as they made bad loan after bad loan. You will find that Tom Udall voted to let risky loans be made to buyers who couldn’t afford the homes they thought they should have. You will find that Tom Udall voted to release the second half of TARP funds only after we had a Democratic President instead of a Republican one. You will learn that Tom Udall voted to deregulate Wall Street and banks and by passing for the repeal of Glass Stegall Act that started the financial collapse in motion. You will see that Tom Udall supported the Dodd Frank Act authored by two con men who profited from the massive money swindle of the housing bubble. This bill just let big banks get bigger. You will see that Tom Udall never saw that any of the Wall Street CEO’s were jailed for their greed in the 2008 meltdown and who pushed derivative trading to its ultimate end.

Tom Udall is guilty as charged. He made votes that led to bad results and now he poses as a man of the people and a foe to the wealthy.

Victor Davis Hanson isn’t fooled and neither are we.

Why shouldn’t Tom Udall be held accountable for his inexcusable votes?

Don’t you hold yourself accountable when you screw up and vow to do better?

We have never heard Tom Udall apologize for anything, but he does have a lot of excuses.

Full article here >>>.

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