Supreme Court Justice Doesn’t Understand Justice

 Posted:  August 2, 2014

The linked article below is an interview with Katic Couric and Ruth Bader Ginsburg who happens to be on the Supreme Court. Ginsburg, who is in her eighties, has the nerve to suggest “that providing women with cost free health insurance coverage for contraceptives is one of the obligations of citizenship …”

So, let us get this right – we are supposed to pay our taxes so women we don’t know can get free contraceptives on our dollar even if we don’t think it is really any of our business and something that women should take care of themselves. I guess so.

The upshot is that the Justice is upset that Hobby Lobby was allowed to not offer their women employees SOME contraceptives that also happen to induce abortions. The Justice doesn’t discuss how Hobby Lobby is still providing 16 or so contraceptives to its female employees, just not the full 20 required by ObamaCare.

She also adds that “contraceptive protection is something that every woman must have access to to control her destiny.”

We have to suggest that every woman, and man to, have the ability to buy their own birth control devices and that women need to keep government out of their sex life.

Hobby Lobby is well within its Constitutional rights to not have to offer certain contraceptives to those under its health care plan.

Justice Bader Ginsburg is not doing any of us favors by doing these kind of interviews that suggests that it is okay to force me to pay for contraceptives for someone I don’t know but not okay to demand that women step up to the plate and determine their own destiny by themselves.

Full article here >>>.

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