Tell Tom Udall That New Mexico Unemployment is GRIM

 Posted:  August 7, 2014

Somehow, our elected political elitist Tom Udall can’t read.

You would think he would hire someone at minimum wage (or use an unpaid intern) to keep track of what is happening in his state.

While he comes out with a ad touting his job creation abilities in keeping military bases in New Mexico even if they probably should be consolidated with other bases to save taxpayer dollars, this report from two days ago tells us what we already know because we do know how to read.

The employment picture in New Mexico is worse than its usual bad. In fact, the reporter calls the picture GRIM.

Don’t take our word for it, but read the linked article. Statewide, employment is not good.

We want to see Tom Udall run an ad discussing what he is doing about these numbers, these very recent numbers.

He can smile and say happy talk, but New Mexicans who live here know how things are.

If Tom Udall had a business here we might believe he knows about things like business. Since he is a career lawyer who has been in office most of his life he isn’t going to be a help in changing the grim picture on employment in New Mexico.

You don’t go to a plumber to get advice on cancer. You don’t listen to Tom Udall for advice on business.

Full article here >>>.

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