Ten Companies Control All the Food in Your Grocery Store

 Posted:  July 18, 2014

This move to centralization is seen in banking, food, advertising, Wall Street, retail sales, and just about every area of business activity in the U.S.

We expect some companies to get big and prosper. We do not want to eliminate big business. What we want is to protect small business too.The big fish cannot continue to eat all the small fish otherwise we won’t have anything to eat at all.

This push of the federal government to favor big agribusiness and food producers is evident in the recent Farm Bill touted by Tom Udall as another of his significant votes. However, if you study the bill you see that it fits the pattern of crony capitalism we see in Washington. It saddles small local producers with hoops to jump that they cannot afford. It puts them at a total disadvantage. If we actually had a capitalist system in this country we would have a high level of competition.

These are some facts:

  • Ten companies provide almost all of the food in U.S. grocery stores.
  • Four companies own 83% of the beef market.
  • Top four companies own 61% of the hog industry.
  • Top four companies own 58% of the broiler chicken industry.
  • Four companies control 50% of the seed industry.
  • Monsanto owns 85% of the U.S. corn acreage, 90% of the soybean acreage.

Obviously, scale and size favor big business. Still, it is clear that Washington has favored big agribusiness just like they have favored big every kind of business. Legislation is rampant to control what individuals and small business can raise, market, and sell in their communities.

Things happen for a reason. The reason for the increase and consolidation of business in the U.S. is that big favors politicians, line pockets with money, and seek to control marketshare.

Politicians ans CEO’s scratch each other’s backs. Tom Udall is no different. Look at his votes, talk to small farmers in New Mexico, do a little research.

You can blame corporations all you want but it is the politicians who pass the legislation that makes what they do legal. Until you get rid of crony capitalism you won’t solve the big corporation problem.

Go to DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com and put “crony capitalism” in the search box.

You will be surprised at what an expert at Crony Capitalism Tom Udall is.

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