Ten Reasons to Oppose Tom Udall’s ISIS War

 Posted:  September 23, 2014

Tom Udall voted to re-engage the U.S. into the Middle East after pushing to get troops out, pushing not to bomb Syria, agreeing with the bombing of Libya etc. etc. etc.

Tom Udall follows his President like a true soldier on a frantic rush up a well protected hill. He changes his mind a lot about his votes.

Below is a linked article with some good reasons Tom Udall should have voted No to the new involvement in the Middle East. They are by a man who has a heritage there and has followed the conflicts closely, a man who hates ISIS but also hates the U.S. policies that only make things worse in the Middle East, a place where friends become enemies and enemies never become your friends.

Tom Udall has been talking bad about war for a long time but voting for it, paying for it, making excuses about it for two decades in public office.

If you are against war, vote against war.

Tom Udall voted for another war, another training for terrorists. The U,.S. trained the Taliban, trained Al Qaida, trained ISIS, trained anyone who could carry a weapon in the Middle East. We have supplied weapons to the area for decades.

If being isolationist means not being in a part of the world that has nothing for us but oil, we vote for developing ALL our energy resources, staying home, and paying down the national debt.

Full article here >>>.

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