Ten Secrets About Tom Udall For New Mexico Voters

 Posted:  November 3, 2014

There are obviously plenty of secrets that Tom Udall doesn’t like to talk about. He would much rather try to point the finger at his underfunded opponent and play small ball. He isn’t about to talk about all the bad votes he has made. The Albuquerque Journal, which has endorsed both Weh and Udall in their pages, doesn’t want to make the Senator look bad either. There is a very nice collusion between those that like things the way they are – as bad as they are – and those who know that New Mexico has to change or things only get worse for most of us who live here.

This little website, now a big Website, was created to take a look at a career politician who has been elected to represent New Mexico but hasn’t. It has studied his votes, studied his ideology, studied his performance, studied his approach to politics.

Taking New Mexico land and giving it to the Feds has not helped New Mexico. Protecting military bases at labs and voting for legislation that hurts private sector development in New Mexico hasn’t helped us. Encouraging illegal immigration into New Mexico has not helped the cities that have to provide services to illegals, deal with crime caused by illegals, and watch native citizens lose work to illegals who will work for less. ObamaCare, a national health crisis, is just running the cost of medical care up for New Mexico and the nation, causing people to lose their plans and their Doctors. National energy standards, as mentioned in other posts, will just drive costs up and hurt poor Americans. Not working on Social Security will just assure that it will run out of money in fifteen years and have to be tackled then as a national crisis.

Tom Udall doesn’t say boo about Barack Obama, doesn’t say boo about his votes against the oil and gas industry in New Mexico, against voter I.D. requirements, against the Federal encroachment into New Mexico schools with No Child Left Behind and Common Core.

Tom Udall is always there when a crisis breaks (the Albuquerque V.A.), but he doesn’t do anything proactive to prevent a crisis. He is always passing out money, but he is never solving problems.

Tom Udall doesn’t hold himself accountable for anything so we will do it here. Maybe the New Mexico voters will take Tom Udall to task for perpetuating the myth that he is 100% for New Mexico?

We tend to think 41%, the same popularity of the current POTUS, is the right number for Tom Udall’s popularity, and don’t even think it should be that high.

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