The Albuquerque Journal Needs to Consider the “Costanza Method”

 Posted:  October 22, 2014

For those who watched the Seinfeld television series some time ago, a most endearing segment was when George reaches a brilliant conclusion.

George, a perpetual worrier, is sitting in the restaurant with Jerry and Elaine, reviewing his life, complaining about how every time he makes a choice it seems to be the wrong one.

Then, in a flash, it is decided that perhaps his life will improve if he just always does the opposite of what he wants to do.

He tries it out and presto, it works!

Therefore, this election season, in the New Mexico political scene, it is recommended that voters consider the “Costanza Method”.

If you are tired of the status quo – if your life is not improving – if someone you know has lost their job – if the IRS has been bothering you – if ObamaCare has cancelled your health insurance – if an illegal has moved into the apartment next to you and is paying no rent because it is subsidized and you don’t qualify – vote the “Costanza Method”.

It is simple. You just vote for the challenger and figure that voting for a challenger gives you a chance at improving your situation.

When you vote for the incumbent you get old tired votes, party politics, and crony capitalism, both sides of the aisle.

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