The Albuquerque Journal Sucks Up to Tom Udall

 Posted:  October 22, 2014

We are not surprised at the Albuquerque Journal’s recent endorsement of Tom Udall. In fact, the Journal has endorsed ALL the incumbents this time around, just like the last time around.

The country shows a distrust and dislike for Congress, but the Journal cites Udall’s “experience” and “pragmatism” and conclude, lamely, that he should be returned to Washington.

We have repeatedly sent materials to the Journal to give them an opportunity to be a little more educated about their endorsements. They have shown no interest.

These are some of their reasons for supporting Tom Udall:

  1. He has the experience to generate important legislation and turn it into law. This would be good if it were true. A look at his record, through recent postings about GovTrack ratings of Tom Udall, shows a lousy record of legislation. Tom Udall doesn’t get co-sponsors from the Republican side and has seen none of his sponsored bills turned into law. Look it up.

  2. Tom Udall will fight gridlock. This would be good if it were true. Tom Udall has been voted the most liberal Senator in the Senate, is one of the least likely to cross party lines and vote for bills, and supports and is supported by the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, Harry Reid and Dick Durbin. He is under an Ethics investigation in the Senate for using the IRS to tar and feather American citizens. He supports Obama all the way and is one of the most partisan politicians around, voting with his party over 94% of the time.

  3. He will be balanced. Tom Udall is never balanced. Look at his political ideology under the About Tom Udall section of this website. You will be amazed to find he is NOT a moderate, despite what he always says.

  4. He will push private public partnerships. This is a new term for big government protecting businesses they like with contracts and special favors. Crony capitalism is another word for it. Check out the crony capitalism section on this Website and you will find out that Tom Udall is a crony capitalist, using government to grease the wheels of big banks, big business, Wall Street and international concerns. We don’t need the government involved in business. Business can take care of itself. We do need to watch business and have some regulations. There are things government is responsible for. Getting into business with business is not one of them.

  5. He will pursue a energy independence strategy. Tom Udall has never supported fossil fuels and is working constantly to expand alternative energy sources). The problem is – the U.S. is already energy independent if we use all we have. Tom Udall has done nothing with nuclear,
    nothing with natural gas, nothing with oil. He is not a good candidate to represent New Mexico that is in the top 10 energy producing states in the country.

After looking at the reasons the Journal endorses Tom Udall, we can only conclude that the Editor and staff just went to Tom Udall’s Website and copied the propaganda slavishly. They do not even question any of their assumptions or Tom Udall’s statements.

For the largest newspaper in the state to do such a useless evaluation of Tom Udall for the voters is a true journalistic crime.

For them to endorse Tom Udall, and all the incumbents, shows they are status quo.

With our current ideological and progressive politicians and a newspaper that licks their boots and slippers, New Mexico ain’t going far – as usual.

When you elect the same politicians you get the same outcome.

Let’s hope voters get out and do something different this time around.

Are you better off than you were sixteen years ago when you started believing Tom Udall’s propaganda and voting for him?

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