The Federal Reserve Banking Cartel Tom Udall Supports

 Posted:  August 12, 2014

If you go to the battleground issues section of this Website you will find lots of material on the Federal Reserve.

If you go to the Benchmark Votes section of this Website you will find Tom Udall’s votes for the Federal Reserve Chairmen, over and over and over.

If you go to the economy battleground issues of this Website you will see that the Federal Reserve is exactly what G. Edward Griffin calls it – “A Banking Cartel”.

If you are concerned about Big Banks, Big Government, Big Business, Wall Street, then you need to understand how the Federal Reserve supports all of these.

If you see that Tom Udall supports the Fed, won’t push to have the Fed audited, and sings the praises of its Chair, you begin to understand that Tom Udall doesn’t stand for what he says he does.

He isn’t the only one. Big Government Republicans and Big Government Democrats are both guilty of stealing from you.

Learn about the Fed and ask Tom Udall why he is sitting on an Audit the Fed Bill that was sent to the House years ago?

What is he afraid of?

What could an audit show?

If everything is okay, then an audit shouldn’t be a big deal, should it?

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