The Future is Here and it is More Science Fiction Than You Thought Possible

 Posted:  October 24, 2014

The future is always changing.

Things are added, subtracted, tweaked, modified. Things change our lives forever. Look what fire did for humanity, the wheel, the telescope, antibiotics, the cell phone, computers.

The linked article discusses some things of the future, nine technologies that will be inside your body. Here they are:

  1. Implantable smartphones
  2. Healing chips
  3. Cyber pills that talk to your doctor
  4. Bill Gates implantable birth control
  5. Smart tattoos
  6. Brain computer interface
  7. Meltable bio batteries
  8. Smart dust
  9. The verifiable self

So, we are now at a point when ethics becomes essential. We are at a point when our machines are taking over our lives. Our machines don’t know about ethics, values. They don’t have spirits or emotions. Our technology just magnifies what we have in us, our best and worst.

When you put someone in office to represent you, you best be thinking about what you want them to decide about all of these things?

Should we be controlling the development of these ideas, or is technology free for all as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone?

The temptations of technology for use by the state in indoctrination, manipulation and control of the population by an elite that benefit by an obedient, stoned workforce is certainly there.

If we were in control we would be developing technology to do what people do now, and try to stop people from being born. That way we would have less problems and more profit.

It looks like a no brainer to us.

Don’t you suppose someone who can implement this has already thought it it?

Full article here >>>.

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