The Man Running Against Ben Ray Lujan is Jeff Byrd

 Posted:  October 11, 2014

We looked at other candidates running in this upcoming election. After looking at the record of Tom Udall we looked at the records of other representatives in Congress from New Mexico.

It didn’t take long to see that they all run the same playbook. There aren’t even any trick plays. They all must have a meeting every morning to discuss what they are planning for the daily game. Their game, of course, is running the ball straight down the middle and taking no prisoners. They talk compromise but never practice it.

The entire New Mexico delegation in Congress, save Steve Pearce who has his own issues, all support the current group think mentality of progressive liberals who want government to be involved in everything, everywhere, with everyone.

Linked is a short video of candidate Jeff Byrd who is running against Ben Ray Lujan, a member of the Progressive Caucus aka Socialists in Congress.

Ben Ray has made very few good votes, and he sure isn’t helping his district 3.

Why a district that produces much of New Mexico’s wealth would put an oil hater in office defies logic?

But, New Mexico has never been known for its logic.

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