The Mouse that Roared

 Posted:  May 16, 2014

There has been lots of news in Nevada about the BLM and Cliven Bundy. What New Mexicans don’t recognize is that we have our own problems with the Federal Government in New Mexico.

In the southern part of the state (Otero County) we have the Feds denying water to a rancher’s cattle because they might disturb a mouse’s living room. The local citizens have voted to ignore the Feds, open locked gates, and let the cattle return to their watering hole.

Tom Udall, very active in trying to appropriate Otero County land for the Federal government, might want to comment about the results of his policies and votes in the last two decades in Washington. It seems that he is not just picking winners among big business, energy concerns, who can and can’t use the Internet. He is picking winners in the ecosystem and humans are not on his preferred list of winners.

This election, questions need to be asked about why Tom Udall likes mice over men.

There will be more of these conflicts between residents of New Mexico and a Federal government that is all to eager to bring guns and force to the scene, put people in jail and deprive them of their rights. Increasingly, we are all criminals and are just allowed to stay out of jail at the Government’s pleasure.

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