The Nanny State is Everywhere: Let’s Just Say No!

 Posted:  September 3, 2014

The list goes on and on and the laws pile up one upon another until every citizen of the U.S. is guilty of breaking some law even if he or she doesn’t know it.

Tom Udall has a Nanny State mentality. In his past he wanted to fit all cars with technology to keep drunks from driving. He has introduced legislation to have the federal government mandate football helmet safety. We are not saying his heart isn’t in the right place but the mechanics of making these things work out is far beyond the ability of the federal government to do, and far beyond the Constitutional responsibilities of the Legislative Branch. Tom Udall introduces plenty of laws in Congress but fortunately most of them are lost on the cutting floor and deemed not ready for prime time. He will refer to them in his newsletters to a doting public to prove that he is really working for them. However, we tend to look at laws sponsored that make it into law and Tom Udall is not good at this.

Leave the Nanny State to Mike Bloomberg of New York who has issues with colas and chips, and comes up with lots of ideas about what you should or shouldn’t do.

At some point people just need to think for themselves and be responsible for their own choices.

At some point society can never be fixed to eliminate competition, calm ruffled feathers, let everyone drive the same car and live in a cookie cutter house.

Life is messy and Tom Udall, though he says he wants it not to be so, can never make it less messy.

Nannies are good for only a short period of our lives. Once you graduate to real life you need to leave them behind.

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