The Senate Race Finally Wakes Up as New Mexico Voters Start to Think About Their Future

 Posted:  October 29, 2014

We have an upcoming election in New Mexico that is as important as any.

The two men running for the U.S. Senate seat are Tom Udall and Allen Weh. The campaign has been spare with Tom Udall outspending his challenger since he is an incumbent and has large built in campaign advantages. Tom Udall has money saved from past campaigns. He has money raised through his efforts with Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren. He has money he received from lobbyists before important votes. He has money gained through extensive on line advertising. He has other perks too.

He has the Albuquerque Journal in his back pocket, fawning and completely uncritical and unquestioning. He has money to pass out through legislation he has voted on. He has lots of internet visibility paid for by the taxpayer. He has free mailing privileges on lots of propaganda he sends to New Mexico voters to convince them that he is working for them.

In fact, as has been pointed out in lots of blather by the Huffington Post and other liberal blogs, Tom Udall is popular in New Mexico.

Somehow, this new poll taken in New Mexico reinforces what we know here.

Tom Udall is not popular. In fact, he is very unpopular and for a lot of reasons.

If you look past his rhetoric you will find lots that is troublesome, more that just makes you angry.

This Senate race will turn out as voters turn out.

Don’t sit back and make no decisions.

Not voting is always a decision and a choice, but whoever gets elected will be making choices for you whether you like them or not.

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