The Sordid Treasons of Benghazi

 Posted:  September 10, 2014

Someday the onion will be peeled back, layer after layer, and it will be proved that the Commander in Chief of the U.S. and his Secretary of State were illegally providing arms to terrorist groups in the Mideast that Americans have died fighting. Those weapons were sold or given to groups to be used against Syria. Now, however, these arms are being used by ISIS terrorists to wreck havoc in the Middle East and coming back to wreck havoc on the United States.

In the old days heads might have rolled. These days, though, stonewalling is state of the art.

An Ambassador of the United States and three others were murdered and we still don’t have the facts.

Americans though don’t give a hoot about facts. What happened in Benghazi wasn’t, after all, real. It was just another of those fake reality shows where things were all scripted. The body bags of the four men who could have been saved if only the commanders in charge had let help go help were not real.

It is all just a mirage, one of many mirages coming out of Washington D.C. from the power brokers.

Things happen but we can’t believe our eyes. We really didn’t see this happen so we need experts to tell us what happened was really not what happened.

This linked article below is about a book that connects the dots.

We are sure some will call the book fiction – but its conclusions fit the facts better than anything else we have seen or heard yet.

Somehow, it makes Watergate look like child’s play, and that brought down a President.

But that was then, and now is now. There are no consequences now.

Full article here >>>.

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