The Tom Udall/Carol Browner/Barack Obama Socialist Tango

 Posted:  July 19, 2014

Where there is Socialist smoke, there is Socialist fire.

The linked PDF below discusses Carol Browner who became one of Obama’s “czars” for energy and climate and global warming.

“Socialists push for greater re-distribution of wealth, MASSIVE government spending, government ownership of the means of production. Now they are having a field day with Carol Browner – U.S. global warming czar. It reminds that actual card carrying Socialists do work in the U.S. federal government.”

The DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) to whom Ms. Browner belongs, supports the Congressional Progressive Caucus to whom Tom Udall belonged.

It is small wonder that the opposing party of Republicans, who at least say they are for capitalism, would oppose Carol Browner on any issue.

Can there be any doubt that Tom Udall is a practicing Socialist and should be running on the Socialist ticket instead of masquerading as a Democrat?

Oh, we forgot, they are too often the same thing. We bad …

Full article here >>>.

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