The Udall Curse

 Posted:  November 1, 2014

The linked article reminds us that family dynasties abound in U.S. politics. We have our own little dynasty with Tom Udall being a Senator from New Mexico and Mark Udall being a Senator from Colorado. One Udall is too much, but two is almost a crime.

The interesting thing is that the two Udall’s vote the party line, vote with the progressive ideology all the time, slam the Tea Party that cares about budgets, protecting the integrity of the vote and our borders, and dislike family control of our country with a passion.

In fact, even in the recent debate, Tom Udall accused Allen Weh of being a Tea Party person.

That isn’t true but we wish Mr. Weh would have said that he does support goals of the Tea Party and one of those goals is not to allow politicians like Tom Udall to infringe on the Constitutional right to free speech and free association.

We don’t see Tea Party groups being tagged with an Ethics complaint like Tom Udall.

Mark Udall is having difficulties in Colorado because he has been discovered to be a man who says one thing and does another.

Maybe New Mexicans will discover the same thing about Tom Udall and correct the situation this Election Day?

Full article here >>>.

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