The Udall/Guitierrez/La Raza Connection

 Posted:  July 28, 2014

  • Tom Udall was a member of the Progressive Caucus.
  • Luis Guitierrrez is Chairman of the Progressive Caucus.
  • Luis Guitierrez made these remarks at a La Raza Convention.
  • La Raza is a Socialist radical organization that wants to repatriate the Southwest U.S.
  • Luis Guitierrez wants to encourage President Obama to use Executive Orders to make illegals citizens without Americans having any say.
  • Luis Guitierrez and Tom Udall have the same thoughts on our immigration issues.
  • Luis Guitierrez states that he thinks America can get three or four million people amnesty.

Do you actually think America, that has an immigration system and quotas, should encourage a President to violate the Constitution and Separation of Powers to make three or four million people breaking U.S. law to become citizens?

Do you actually think there is not a political agenda to these pushes to circumvent long standing U.S. laws and policy?

We think about these events that are being pushed by Democrat leaders before an election to secure votes, distract from other problems, and rally their base.

We think the U.S. citizens are taking a second seat to people from other countries. While their needs to get into the U.S. are great, the needs of U.S. citizens to be represented by their elected officials are much greater.

Instead of worrying about people illegally crashing our borders, when are lawmakers going to worry about what is brought across our border, stays here, and does damage here? When are they going to deal with our own issues instead of manufacturing more.

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