These Are Tom Udall’s Top Priorities For New Mexico. What Are Your Priorities For Our State?

 Posted:  June 8, 2014

When I saw the article below I was surprised and a little disappointed. I am not one to say that Native American affairs, mineral payments and droughts are issues. However, they don’t sound like big enough issues to occupy the full attention of a sitting Congressman.

The red flags started to go off though when you find that Indian tribes were substantial contributors to Tom Udall’s election win in 2008, that he has a long time bent towards pushing Federal dollars to their interests, that he is now head of the Indian Affairs Committee in the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C., that he has a personal/family foundation that awards money to deserving Indian youths.

As New Mexicans, I would suspect some of the other issues on your radar would be jobs, immigration, education, ObamaCare, veteran’s affairs, gangs and crime, drugs, family life, abortion, state dependency on Federal handouts, Social Security, etc. There are lots of issues and we all have our top two or three.

It could be suggested that Tom Udall is out of touch. It could be suggested that Tom Udall doesn’t bite the hand that feeds him. It could be suggested that this desire to focus on Native American Affairs is not “corruption” but is definitely, “business as usual”.

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