Thirty Countries Have Banned Flights From Ebola Countries in Africa

 Posted:  October 17, 2014

Just for the record, there are now thirty countries around the world who have decided that it is important to ban travelers coming to their countries from African countries who are at ground zero in the Ebola situation. Needless to say, a lot of African countries are on this list.

There is no worrying about whether travelers might try to sneak into their countries via other routes. That will be taken care of next by looking at passports, screening travelers and profiling, something the U.S. can’t do anymore because they might hurt someone’s feelings.

If thirty countries have made the decision, and others will follow, why is the U.S. lagging in a basic precautionary move to help protect the country.

The fact that the cases here have been small doesn’t make a difference. All epidemics start with a few infected people. The Bubonic plague that wiped out a third of mankind in Europe started the same way.

We, like those then, don’t know enough about this mutating virus to take chances.

When the first schoolchild gets it, are you going to keep your kids home?

Also keep in mind that there is another enterovirus that is afflicting our population now, and that came from Central America with the border invasion.

The U.S. nurses who caught Ebola in the U.S. had gear to protect them and some knowledge.

What is going to happen to you who have neither of these?

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