This Election Vote For the Candidate Who Has the Least Money if You Want to Get Money Out of Politics

 Posted:  June 12, 2014

There are things that people who see themselves as political enemies can agree on. There are alliances that can be formed to do things which will truly help the country more than fighting about food stamps, minimum wage, voter ID’s, football helmets.

A left right citizen movement could address:

  1. Breaking up the “too big to fail” banks.

  2. Auditing the Federal Reserve to see what is happening with the money.

  3. Prosecuting Wall Street and government criminals who haven’t gone to jail for documented crimes that helped bring the economy to a place now where we still haven’t recovered.

  4. Further direct democracy through the use of the initiative, referendum and recall options.

  5. Revise Trade agreements that sold the countries workers out for corporate profits and end Fast Track Congressional surrenders of Constitutional authority to amend trade treaties negotiated by the Executive Branch.

Do the research.

We are victims as long as we don’t vote for changes and expect our representatives of either party to represent all our interests, not just those of government and big business.

Let’s find things we agree on and make our elected representatives deal with those issues instead of letting them divide us and then take money from contributors each time they make a vote and use that to get re-elected, thus taking competition out of the equation.

Big government and big business don’t like competition. They like the status quo.

Let’s make it hard for them.

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