This is the Answer to the Tom Udall/Martin Heinrich Land Grab: Regulation Without Representation Are Fighting Issues

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

The above video explains quite well the counterpoint to Martin Heinrich’s New York Times editorial where he tries to make us feel better after giving away half a million acres of New Mexico land and justifying it with lame economic reasons, and protecting the land for generations to come.

Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall don’t give a damn about state’s rights, about the rights of New Mexican’s to manage New Mexico lands in any way they see fit. These two non-heroes want to keep us off the land forever, wants us to be tourists in our own state, unable to use the land but only visit it under the banner of Wilderness Off Limits.

State’s rights are a bigger and bigger issue and the state’s fighting for their own resources and the rights to make decisions about it reflect our own Revolutionary War when we had Taxation but no Representation.

The Wilderness Boys can saddle up and lasso our land and drag it to Washington D.C. Washington, according to them, can use all of our land that they can get.

The Wilderness Boys are at it again in northern New Mexico, burying local dissent and telling Pollyana stories in the liberal press about nature being only good for those who know what to do with it and that can be trusted with it – themselves.

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