This is the U.S. Police State Given to You by Tom Udall

 Posted:  August 12, 2014

This is a summary video of the developing police state in the U.S.

Tom Udall, even though you don’t want to think it and he strongly refuses to talk about it, voted “yes” for NDAA, “yes” for drones and “yes” for our police state.

Check out his votes in the Benchmark Votes section of this Website.

This video, hard to watch, is true and unfolding across the country as our local police forces are being turned into military units and the Federal government is preparing for massive civil unrest.

This is happening because Big Government Democrats and Republicans are determined to have things in place when the results of their policies destroy the American economy and lead to riots in the streets.

Big Brother is already here and the U.S. is the battleground.

For those of you who hate guns, just hope your neighbor has a fee to protect you when the chips are down and troopers break into your home.

They practiced martial law in Boston and the sheep said nothing.

We Americans aren’t sheep, are we?

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