This is What Your Senator From New Mexico Does on Your Dime

 Posted:  October 31, 2014

As you know, Senator Heinrich has a love affair with Hollywood. As one of our progressive New Mexico representatives, he likes our outdoors so much that he has confiscated thousands of acres of New Mexico land for the Federal government and writes an op ed in a New York venue explaining why he doesn’t want New Mexican’s to manage their own land and get some revenues from it to help the state.

Small wonder why New Mexico remains a very impoverished state.

Tom Udall also votes for land confiscation but he doesn’t have the Hollywood ambitions of the younger Senator from New Mexico.

It would have made more sense to give the land to the Mexican government instead of our own U.S. government.

Since New Mexico is more Northern Mexico than a state in the Union, we may as well have better relations with Mexico.

Right now, we have no borders between New Mexico and Mexico. Maybe, on the Survivor series that Heinrich is going to be a part of, they will drop them in the middle of the Mexican desert and have them walk to Las Cruces with only a bottle of water and a candy bar.

They won’t be able to go across the new Wilderness area in Las Cruces since it is protected now.

Mr. Heinrich, we hope, will have to walk hundreds of miles out of his way.

That will still not be enough punishment for his land grab of New Mexico land for the Feds.

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