This Post is For Kaye

 Posted:  August 11, 2014

We get E-mails at They are about all kinds of things. Some like the site, some hate the site. Some like Tom Udall, some don’t like Tom Udall. Some of the reader responses are short, some are long, some want us to go away and others want us to stay.

Your E-mail was in support of Tom Udall and you talked about how he represents you. We have always known that Tom Udall has a constituency and represents voters. We have always known that his ideology, votes, and political history do have some traction in New Mexico. The fact that you took time out of your busy day to reflect on the political process, took time to write to a Website that doesn’t reflect your goals, took the effort to participate was very refreshing. We support your decision to vote for the man that represents you. That is your right and your responsibility.

However, we have studied Tom Udall’s record and history and know that there are New Mexico voters that are not represented by Tom Udall and offended by his posturing and his votes. They also are constituents and deserve to be represented.

This election we have chances for change. It is really about whether we want to send an incumbent back to office who totally supports a progressive agenda or whether we want to send a newcomer to Washington who might be more willing to address our country’s problems in a different way. It takes time, money, and effort to create a website like this and we don’t have the resources to do more than our central mission which is to critically evaluate Tom Udall, the man in office right now.

We are no fan of party politics. If one carefully looks at the website we are concerned about a variety of issues that are important to voters in BOTH parties. We recognize that getting elected is one thing and accomplishing what you run on is another. We know that Americans are truly divided in how they think about issues and your friends, family, and neighbors may surprise you in their views if you ask them.

Thank you for your E-mail Kaye and we will all have to live with the person that is elected in November and we wish that the winner of the election moves off their ideological throne and actually votes in a way to take baby steps to get us out out of the fire we are now in.

It is up to the candidate’s themselves to present their case to the voters.

We are still waiting for the election to begin.

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