This Tells You Who to Point the Finger at For New Mexico’s Economy

 Posted:  October 30, 2014

The chart linked below compiled by the Rio Grande Foundation, a non-partisan think tank, shows who has controlled New Mexico politics for the last 84 years.

Yes, that is 84 years.

If you look at the chart you see that the Democratic Party has controlled New Mexico for almost ALL of the 84 years.

If you think New Mexico is doing great go ahead and return the Democrats to control of the New Mexico legislature. Don’t help a Republican Governor, Susana Martinez, achieve some of her goals.

By the way, we now have representation in Congress of 4 Democrats and 1 Republican.

How is that working out for New Mexico?

Are we rising to the top of the good polls instead of the bad ones?

Your vote has consequences for all of us.

View chart here >>>.

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