Three Videos on the Banksters

 Posted:  September 8, 2014

The three short videos in the linked article below will be old hat to some of you, but new info for others. They give a short intro to the Banking Cartel that runs the world, and the perpetuation of debt and death as a way for the Banksters to control you, control countries, control economies.

Tom Udall has voted consistently to support the “Too Big To Fail” policies in place (check his benchmark votes on Tom Udall supports the criminal Federal Reserve, supports a One World Order, supports a rule by elites.

Don’t listen to what he says because he always says the opposite of what he does.

Tom Udall is a facilitator of the Banksters and we don’t need facilitators in Congress. We need men and women who stop the rape of America and stop the debt/death culture that keeps these psychopaths in power.

Full article here >>>.

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