To Vote or Not to Vote: That is the Question?

 Posted:  September 10, 2014

The video in the linked article below is seven minutes in length and was made by a noted film-maker Errol Morris. It features a number of college age kids talking about the pros and cons of voting in a really cute and entertaining way. When you watch the panorama of young faces crossing the screen and giving you their ideas, opinions, and experiences with voting, you are transfixed.

We don’t know who will vote this November, or in what numbers. We don’t know who will be called a winner. We don’t know what will happen next year that will make the victor vote like the loser said he would vote. We don’t, in fact, know much about voting at all.

We hope the young will grow beyond their years and vote with experience and not elect hope and change candidates who can give you neither. We hope the old will look at parties they have voted for for a hundred years and decide they are both the same, and just refuse to vote. We hope those who haven’t a clue about what they really want from government and whether we can afford to have government try to do it to just stay home.

In fact, we wish there was just a huge barbecue thrown as an alternative to voting. You don’t want to vote, or feel you can never understand the issues, or don’t trust either party, or you just want to party you go to the barbecue. The rest of us who have worried about things a little – we will go to vote.

Still, overall, there is a lot of humanity here. We have hope for the young even if they often appear hopeless.

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