Token Tom Udall Stalls on Debates

 Posted:  September 27, 2014

It is typical Tom Udall politics. Run a few ads, do a few mediocre newspaper interviews, give a few short speeches, avoid town halls, don’t answer your Twitter accounts, don’t put up any signs in Albuquerque with your name on them, don’t agree to any debates – until now.

Now, as the election comes closer, Tom Udall has agreed to ONE debate in late October.

Early voting starts October 18, 2014.

Tom Udall plans to continue his stealth election. He will be low key, run feel good ads, paint his opponent as some billionaire backed by the Tea Party and the Koch Brothers, talk about campaign finance when his cupboard has been stocked by Wall Street.

We have seen it all before. There is nothing new with this latest stall by Tom Udall.

He is a token New Mexican, beholden to out of state money, out of state interests, and out of state ideas.

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