Tom Udall a Supporter of Business? Completely False on the Truth Meter!

 Posted:  May 31, 2014

Tom Udall is running ads for his new campaign that tout his love for business. He has put so many ads on Google about his great work in promoting business in New Mexico and the country that one, not schooled in politics, would swoon over.

If Tom Udall is so good for business why has he earned so many TERRIBLE evaluations from industry groups in business that follow politicians for a living and keep track of their votes.

Don’t believe us at this website. Look at a history of Tom Udall’s evaluations by people who know business – businessmen.

Look at Tom Udall in 1999 at the start of his career. It seems that he showed from the beginning where his interests lie – big government and big unions.

1999 – U.S. Chamber of Commerce – 24%
1999 – Consumer Federation of America – 67%
1999 – Business-Industry Political Action Committee – 0%
1999 – Associated Builders – 0%
1999-2000 – National Federation of Independent Business – 5%
2000 – U.S. Chamber of Commerce – 35%
2000 – Small Business Entrepreneur Council – 6%

It doesn’t get any better either as the years of Tom Udall’s career moves forwards.

It is easy to make a television ad, or create an award winning website. It is hard to live up to what you say.

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