Tom Udall Ain’t a Poor Country Boy

 Posted:  November 3, 2014

Tom Udall went to college in England in the middle of the Vietnam War on a student deferment. Tom Udall’s family has been in politics for over a hundred years. Tom Udall has spent very little of his life living in New Mexico and usually comes back for an official visit only when he is campaigning for yet another six years in office. Tom Udall has been flown around the world to learn about how to make the U.S. subservient to international concerns, including bankers and big corporations, the United Nations, and his progressive backers.

The above video turns class warfare back on Tom Udall – the class warfare guru.

You get what you give and this ad gives it too Tom Udall in one short little burst.

What is funny is that the video is truthful. Few can combat the truth so what they do is try to stop the truth from coming out. Tom Udall is good at that too. With him in charge you can be sure that all truth will be swept under the carpet and the party in power will run the table – even though they only have 51% of the votes.

And people think Tom Udall is fair, a straight shooter, and a true New Mexican?

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