Tom Udall Ain’t Even Close to Being an Independent

 Posted:  October 20, 2014

The linked information below from a non-profit organization shows where Tom Udall is in Ideology. He likes to talk bi-partisanship and working across the aisle. He likes to castigate opponents in the Senate as being inflexible, intolerant, and ideology driven drones.

However, in looking at Tom Udall’s ideology score you easily see that he isn’t even close to being an Independent.

He is, as this chart says, “a rank and file Democrat”.

He isn’t a leader. He isn’t an initiator. He isn’t a creator. He isn’t a compromiser.

Tom Udall is a rank and file Democrat who sticks with his true blue colors.

That is okay.

What we hate is the hypocrisy of claiming you are trying to compromise when you never do.

Full article here >>>.

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