Tom Udall and Bengazi and Cookstoves

 Posted:  May 31, 2014

Bengazi is a serious concern to many Americans. Why did an Ambassador of the United States get murdered? Why did he ask for help and protection that was denied? Why did elected officials blame the event on a demonstration of locals mad about an obscure video which has long ago been proved false? Why do we still have no answers after months of trying to get information? Why weren’t American military resources used to protect the Ambassador and three other men who were killed trying to hold off the attackers?

We suspect that the Ambassador was funneling weapons from Al Qaida terrorists to forces opposing Assad in Syria. This is the same Al Qaida the U.S. spent trillions fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan at a loss of thousands of American troops.

In this case, one must always put the burden of proof on the U.S. government to prove their innocence.

At a hearing on Bengazi our N.M Congressman, Tom Udall, drew the ire of Americans by being more concerned about Hillary’s cookstoves than what happened at Bengazi. The trouble with being a politician is that people are watching and they do want to know what happened so many thousands of miles away that left a U.S. ambassador and others dead.

We can Google cookstoves for ourselves. Let’s see a little more gavitas from our elected official.

New Mexico can do much better.

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