Tom Udall and Chuck Schumer: First Amendment Haters

 Posted:  May 31, 2014

This is a quite informative article on recent plans by democrats to use the government to get rid of all those who are not thrilled what their form of government is dishing out.

Tom Udall and Chuckie Schumer vote almost identically so you know that there is quite a lot of planning and consultation going on. The odds against these two politicians voting so identically, without planning it, is mathematically outrageous.

Tom Udall’s votes are, in fact, a great deal like those of big city elites from both the coasts. New Mexico is a vast rural state with a small population but Tom Udall’s vote counts as much in the Senate as the vote of Harry Reid, or Barbara Boxer or Ted Cruz. You can bet that lots of people with big money outside New Mexico have a vested interest in seeing that Tom Udall is re-elected and votes their way.

As this article eloquently says, Chuck Scumer believes (talking about those who disagree with him) that “we’re stupid sheep who don’t know what’s best for us and we need to be herded into collectivism by progressive elitists like him.”

As New Mexicans, we like to make our own decisions. Tom Udall signed a letter with Chuck Schumer that urged the IRS to use their powers to investigate Tea Party groups and slow down their application process. This extended to unannounced audits and leaking of personal info on American citizens.

The two of them are still at it, seeking a Constitutional amendment to take away your right to put your own money where you want to put it. They will call it keeping big money out of politics. They will say it is for your own good. They will say all kinds of things.

Perhaps we are the sheep they think we are? Letting politicians decide who can and can’t give money, how much and how they are to give, is a lot like letting fixes run the hen house.

Full article here >>>.

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