Tom Udall and Energy: You Decide Which Version is True: We Already Know the Facts

 Posted:  August 16, 2014

It is political season and the politicians are strutting their wares, giving fine speeches, talking their sound bites, appealing to everyone they meet. It is a season when you don’t believe anything you read, and not much of what you hear. It is the same every election.

This election is more important than the last because the circumstances are much worse than last election.

New Mexico is one of the top 10 energy producers in the country. The oil and gas industry provides well paying jobs, lots of tax revenues to the state, and stabilizes communities. The picture for energy has never been better. The U.S. is now exporting oil because of tech discoveries and learning how to take advantage of new reserves.

Tom Udall’s statements about energy on his new and unimproved website state that he “is for a balanced energy policy” in this country.

His statements are linked below. Also linked below is an astute article by a local reporter who studied Tom Udall’s votes on energy.

If you go to the About Tom section of this Website you can find a summary of Tom Udall’s energy ideology and votes. If you go to Battleground Issues and find the Energy section there is a complete review of Tom Udall and Energy. If you want an abbreviated summary go to the Energy slider that appears on the right of the home page. You can type in Tom Udall and energy in the Search feature on

Take fifteen minutes of time and do a little research on Tom Udall’s votes, his history, and his position on energy.

If not, just use your COMMON SENSE. Why would environmentalists give so much money to Tom Udall if he was for any kind of oil and gas drilling? Why would they give any money to Tom Udall if he was for coal or nuclear energy?

Common sense goes a long way and we still think New Mexicans can figure out when someone is shining them on.

Full article here >>>.

Second article here >>>.

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