Tom Udall and Fundamental Values

 Posted:  May 23, 2014

The use of drones has been in the news. In this article from a year ago even Tom Udall sounds like a man who respects liberty and the right to due process for American citizens. He doesn’t want to step on military toes or the toes of the Executive Branch who have used drones to kill Americans overseas for now, potentially in the U.S. if Attorney General Holder has his way.

There is something rather insidious about the Federal government in general and the President of the United States in particular being able to decide who to assassinate with a drone. Who goes on the list is of great interest to those who dislike current administration policies. An American criticizes the government, takes a trip overseas, and is eliminated by a drone. The criticism is gone in an instant.

Apparently, Tom Udall has looked at the facts and made his decision against fundamental values. Several days ago he voted to confirm David Barron for a judgeship. This man drafted an opinion for the Obama administration justifying the use of drones on American soil if the person in the cross hairs was deemed a threat to our security.

Due process is important, but getting Obama nominations into positions of power is more important. It is for that reason that Tom Udall pushed eliminating the filibuster. What is most interesting about the Barton vote was that most Republicans still have fundamental values and want to preserve our rights to a fair trial, a jury of our peers, and old fashioned stuff like that,

Tom Udall doesn’t want that, but he does want to talk about fundamental values and then vote against them.

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