Tom Udall and Guns: If You Like Them, Best Not Vote For Party Line Tom

 Posted:  May 29, 2014

The Second Amendment to the Constitution is a big one. It gives you the right to protect yourself and your family in any manner you wish. It recognizes that governments (try Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro) quickly take weapons away from their citizens so they can control and terrorize them. If you look at the gangsterization and militarization of our country, you might easily come to the conclusion that having gun rights is ALL that keeps you free.

Tom Udall is a real true gun confiscator. He doesn’t care who you are. He wants to make sure that you have a cap pistol and it is registered and accounted for. He doesn’t care that bad guys can always get weapons, don’t care about the law, don’t care about your rights, and don’t have any qualms about having more force than you do.

Tom Udall, as well as all the Senate Dems and Independents, voted to take away your right to have a weapon in 2013 – just after they were elected.

Tom Udall has lots of agendas. In this agenda he circumvented the Congress and voted to let the United Nations have a say in what U.S. citizens do with their weapons.

As this article suggests: “It appears that ALL of these individuals have chosen to vote the party line rather than protect our Constitutional rights.”

Just call Tom “Mister Party Line”. He doesn’t think about votes; he just makes them like a trained seal.

Full article here >>>.

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